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16 juni 2021

Communication: WhatsApp, Zoom or Facetime are not the solutions!

Many dealers and car companies have announced on LinkedIn that, in addition to historically traditional means of communication, they can also be reached via WhatsApp video calling, Facetime, Google Meets, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. This flexible accessibility has been launched at a fast pace. We are in a period where the customer wants to operate and do business from an offsite location, both from convenience and safety.

It is easy to demonstrate a car through Facetime, view the trade-in car closely, and even make a proposal. A test drive at home is also possible, but that is something that dealers could always make happen if they chose to. 

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9 juni 2021

Do you focus on the lead or on the dialogue?

My company’s existence was created around optimizing online leads. So, as far as I am concerned, there cannot be enough leads! I don’t want to discount the importance of an effective dialogue because that is another critical part of the sale. But the more online leads there are, the more I can help dealers prosper. Whether it concerns training, consulting, or the use of Calldrip, there are always advantages and advice I can offer through my business. But consider this question: are we living in an outdated world? Is directing the online customer to fill out a static lead form the best communication option we can offer?

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21 april 2021

Question: Is getting more leads really the best goal?

Question: Is getting more leads really the best goal? Leads are actually just a starting point for a dialogue. At least that’s what I’ve been saying for years to anyone who wants to hear it. But is that really the case? Does the salesperson really want leads? When I ask them, they say NO. They […]

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2 maart 2021

The highest quality visitors come from your organic search volume! (Google My Business)

The highest quality visitors come from your organic search volume! (SEO) NOTE: Some dealers, unfortunately, are still buying their own name and paying Google and their ad agencies for the privilege of running those campaigns. If consumers are already searching for your business by name, why are you paying Google? This is just a personal […]

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22 februari 2021

Why do we develop bad habits in good times?

Why do we develop bad habits in good times? You’ve probably heard this saying before: a skipper who only sails with the wind is a less accomplished skipper than one who can stay on course when facing a headwind, or even a storm. This is no different in our industry. The COVID pandemic era has […]

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15 februari 2021

Low inventory? Maybe it’s your own fault!

Low inventory? Maybe it’s your own fault! We all know the struggle, inventory. Lately, I have spoken to many dealers and car companies who all have the same problem: too few used cars on their lots. The market has never been better in terms of sales but buying the used cars that you want can […]

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9 februari 2021

As a car company, what are your goals for lead follow-up?

The sales process should always follow this order: 1. Dialogue, 2. Appointment, and 3. Sale! I often ask car salespeople what their goals are when it comes to lead follow-up. Do you want to start a dialogue? Are you looking for information about the trade-in car? OR Do you want to avoid following up on […]

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24 maart 2020

Conducting Effective Business Where the Customer Feels Safe: Online sales for dealers and OEM’s in 2020

Car shoppers need answers to their car-buying questions, but their outreach changing. But the shopping mentality has now shifted dramatically, and online shopping has heightened out of necessity. In recent weeks, lifestyles and expectations been impacted dramatically by the pandemic. The car industry is reeling from the challenges created by the coronavirus and is looking […]

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10 maart 2020

Creating Content for Car Companies Should Be Easy!

Name recognition is a currency Brand dealers and independent car companies can bring in visitors to their digital website showroom through various avenues. Advertisements are the historical fallback position, but dealers also use Google Ads, portals, local media, and regional radio. All of these advertising channels have one thing in common: they cost money and […]

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6 augustus 2018

Are you sure the referring traffic on your dealer website is correct?

Difference in http and https website destroys your insight into your marketing investments as a car company! Many of today’s conversations and discussions concern the value of portals. These conversations are so persistent that BOVAG thought it was time to come up with their own portal. That should become a portal that should be of […]

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