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6 augustus 2018

Searching for and using Voice apps will increase explosively

Searching for and using Voice apps will increase explosively In the coming years you will notice that more and more things that are now done online, by using a mouse or keyboard, will become voice-controlled. Look at the car industry: many cars already have a certain form of voice recognition. It does not always work […]

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14 juni 2018

Why a BDC is not a solution for the follow-up of online leads in the first line/respons!

A BDC is not a solution for higher conversions This sentence may sound a bit off coming from me as my company #DCDW provides a number of BDC / CCC services to various importers and dealer holdings. Nevertheless, I think we should conduct the discussion. Let’s take a look at some developments in the Netherlands […]

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12 juni 2018

Inspect what you expect!

The sales manager should be in charge! The blog title is a line I heard in a podcast of Autodealerlive by Bill Whittenmyer. From the moment I heard the quote, it is even clearer to me that you should deal with online leads in a better way. Of course, we do know that we need […]

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6 juni 2018

What is your Form Completion Rate on your dealer website?

Missed leads because of unnecessary fields on your website Dealer websites are getting better and better as parties such as DTC, Autodata and Marble invest more and more in platforms, techniques and people. However, that doesn’t mean that the conversion of visitors to leads will also improve. In fact, in 2018 people will be more […]

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3 juni 2018

Why a very fast follow-up of online leads makes sense

Calldrip Inc gives you a look at the data of over 400.000 leads! Recently, #DCDW became the proud distributor of Calldrip, a tool that allows quick and direct contact with customers and prospects who apply via an online lead form. It works like this: a visitor requests a quotation for a used car via the […]

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13 april 2018

What do you do with your unsold online leads?

Just closing leads is a deadly sin! I see them every day and you know it too: leads that are closed with reasons like ‘dot’ (you have to fill in something), ‘not applicable’, ‘no interest’, ‘postpone the purchase’ or ‘buy at another dealer’. The big question is what you can do as sales manager or […]

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30 maart 2018

Staying ahead in digital automotive wit eBay #wewinautomotive

Breakfast event at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas Our Ebay event in Las Vegas, ‘Staying ahead in Digital Automotive’, is now behind us. The purpose of the meeting was simple: we wanted to help dealers and car companies improve in the online automotive. Improve in marketing, getting better in terms of mindset and better […]

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30 maart 2018

What can Siri do for your car dealership?

At the top of the first page with Google search results is no longer sufficient The fact that it’s vital for car companies to end up high in Google’s search results is known by most entrepreneurs. Therefore, many dealers and car companies have organized their website content quite well when it comes to SEO. Google […]

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18 maart 2018

Why the online marketeer in automotive hates it!

Just a little while longer and there won’t be any marketeers left… I speak to a lot of online markeeters in the automotive industry. Most of them are tired of hearing the excuses and the panic in the sales department at the end of every month. Too many sales managers don’t understand their own role […]

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17 maart 2018

Is the Monday the best day to take off from work, or to call leads?

Research on 20,000 leads has no questions about when to follow up leads best! How many leads come in, when do they come in and what is the best time to call those leads? The answer is simple. The right time to follow up is: immediately, of course! Chances are that the customer is still […]

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