10 reasons why some dealers are better at following up leads than other dealers!

Learn from the best dealers!

Best dealers

A judoka with a black belt will never learn anything from a judoka with a white belt. That is why it is important to see why some dealers are better at monitoring online leads than others. Ten tips for better conversion in online leads!

Number 1 – Respond quickly

Speed is important! Responding within 15 minutes between 09:00-21:00 on weekdays and on Saturday until 18:00 hours is normal with these successful dealers. Do you not succeed? Arrange the process, so that it is feasible. If they can do it, you can do it too.

Number 2 – Personalize your message!

Speed is important, but make sure you are prepared. In those first 15 minutes you have enough time to ‘read’ the lead. Know where the lead comes from, know if you can give the information that the customer is looking for, and take the time to check if you already know the customer. A ‘one size fits all method’ does not fit with the successful dealer.

Number 3 – Advertise where the eyeballs are!

The best performing dealers are stable in the conversion. They advertise on 3rd party websites, such as Marktplaats, to get more leads. They also advertise because advertisements on these types of portals creates confidence with their customers. They are looking for the customers – the eyeballs.

Number 4 – Offer alternatives!

If we have learned one thing at Nieuweautokopen.nl, it is that is not even 30% of our buyers bought the car they initially had in mind. In other words, actively offer alternatives so that your customer has a choice. If he has no choice, there is a chance that he will drop out and leave, because there is an alternative to find elsewhere.

Number 5 – Be transparent!

One of our USPs is: ‘Transparent in discounts’. Today’s customer wants transparency. Show what your process means for your customer and what he can expect from you. And when it comes to money, transparency is a must.

Number 6 – Be up to date

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the car is still available. In other words, the consumer does not always trust the data. Apparently he got disappointed before – no, that was probably not with you. So be real-time up-to-date with your availability and with your prices.

Number 7 – Use data to determine the price

The most successful dealers use systems such as Indicata to directly determine the right price for their cars. They thus guarantee the shortest possible lead time of their stock, even when it comes to low-demand cars. Another nice extra: the leads are almost always of a better quality.

Number 8 – Use different types of communication

With successful dealers, the use of Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and SMS in ‘the smartphone age’ is important in following up on leads. They communicate through different channels, with different messages, with the customer.

Number 9 – Process

All successful dealers have a process for following up leads. Coincidence does not exist and there are various attempts to get in touch with as many people as possible. Successful dealers also understand that a car salesman who has never worked on his phone qualities in the last 20 years needs training to get better. After all, a BDC or CCC employee is also trained in monitoring online leads. And why should you not take the last step in the funnel, the salesman, and have it work according to a process?

Number 10 – Why buy from me?

Why should I buy a car from you? That is the golden question. If that question remains unanswered, it is due to chance, luck and the best price that cars are sold. Now, look at the seven lines of Jumbo and then create your own ‘Why buy from me’. And try to avoid getting into the obligatory rules as ‘Best Service’.

For everyone?

Not every rule applies to every car company, but what do you need to improve? We all know that ‘online’ is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately, there are still companies that have nothing with that channel and do not do enough with it. That is unfortunate, because looking back at how it used to be, does not help to make money tomorrow. So look at the successful dealers and learn from them.

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