7 tips: Online lead follow-up in the automotive industry: If you still have to send an email..

If you can’t call, you can always email (in the right way)


The first rule in following up online leads is that you always have to try calling first. If you do not get a response, you can send an email. Keep in mind that mailing is not as effective nowadays as, for example, five years ago. Communication via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and apps like that are becoming more important. Sending an email is still meaningful, however, the message needs to be well written. What do you have to think about before you press the ‘send button’?

Is the subject inspiring enough?

About 75% of the emails are opened on a mobile phone and less than 50% of the emails are actually read. Then you know that the subject has to attract attention. How do you come across? In any case, the subject must be inspiring and creative. Show that you have thought about it. What works? For example, processing the name of the customer in the subject.

Did you ask a question?

Handling an online lead via email is dangerous. If the customer asks if the car is still available and you answer with a simple: ‘yes, this car is still available’, then you stop the dialogue. You can always ask a counter question, especially if you also answer questions and do not ask questions just to ask something, but you ask questions to actually help and provide the customer with relevant information.

Does the customer get reasons to respond?

The customer only has a reason to respond if you ask questions and you give the customer the opportunity to respond. Do not answer with a no-reply, or an out-of-office reply. It seems like a joke, but such an answer is too common.. Also let the customer see that he can respond via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and so on. Make it easy for the customer to come into contact with you AND stay into contact. And of course in the way that the customer wants.

Advantage for an appointment?

The goal of lead follow-up is to make a next sale. That sale is the dialogue and the appointment. Indicate clearly in your email what the advantage is, for example, to make an appointment. The choices, the accessories, the options, the alternatives? The potential financial benefit for the customer? If you do not communicate it, how should the customer discover the benefits of doing business with you? So tell him….

Send link

Can you send more information? In other words, a link with more information about the car? For example, with a new car you send a link of a test done by Autoweek or Autovisie. Or you send a video and other relevant matters that you can easily gather. If you think about it, you will undoubtedly find more interesting information that you can share with the customer.

Personal video

In all statistics it’s obvious: sellers that structurally follow-up through a video, have demonstrably a (much) higher conversion than lead follow-up without video. People buy from people. It is an open door, but it is true. And otherwise the purchase process was automated. For the doubters: everyone can make a video, for example with the Ventavid app, but Facetime works fine too. So show in your email that you are available to Facetime live with your customers, so that you can show the car live with its USPs. It’s that simple.

More photo’s

Many dealer websites and portals have a limit on the number of photos. But if you have more photos or if there are new photos to share, send them to the customer. What matters is that your customer receives all the information he needs to make an informed purchasing decision. Keep that in mind. Do not leave anything to chance.

It is simple: online lead follow-up and achieving a higher conversion on that online lead has everything to do with the knowledge that the seller is the most important link. The seller determines whether the conversion is higher or lower, no one else. Good luck!

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