Follow the online track of the “spontaneous” showroom visitor

After the online- and call lead you can also justify the showroom customer in your marketing budget!


That we, as a car company, mainly meet and entice our customers online to choose our brand is clear. Your website is the showroom and it has much more impact on your sales numbers than the physical showroom. With that knowledge in mind, I assume that you make all your online leads clear and transparent in a lead management system, such as ILMS.

You also now use Dynamic Phone Tracking of, for example, Adcalls to be able to link all your incoming calls to your marketing investments. But what do you do with the customer who spontaneously enters the showroom, or the physical lead? How do you know which marketing investment was responsible for that man or woman entering your store? Maarten Bekkers of BiZZNZZZ Software has developed a solution that was obvious, but was not noticed by anyone …

The physical showroom visitor also starts online

Maartens’ solution assumes that the showroom visitor first visited the dealer website. His system works on the dealer website and not on other platforms where the stock is. It goes as follows: a visitor arrives at the dealer website and leaves an online track. After all, we can see which visitor has visited what on the website because we give the visitor a ‘cookie’. We can therefore also see which source (marketing) ensured that the visitor came to your website and what he did afterwards (online). Nothing special so far.

The effect of your marketing investment

But here it comes. The next time the same visitor comes to your website, via the same IP address, the first visit can be linked to the second visit, and then the third time, fourth, etcetera. Now there are platforms such as Dealer E Process (DEP), which can give such an online data track to the dealer. But if the customer just comes in spontaneously, then there isn’t such an online track … or is there? You do not know what the visitor did on your website before and after the visit.

What BiZZNiZZ by Maarten Bekkers does is sending an e-mail to the customer who is present in the showroom with more information about that particular car, about the company or about the seller. In the e-mail there is a link for ‘more information’ and the customer clicks on it, then we can match the previous online visits with the physical visit and we are able to find his online track. And you know which marketing investment led to the visit.

Does it really work?

Critics and internet experts may think that it does not always work, since not everyone is always online via the same IP address. True, but this system gives more information about your marketing investment than any other system. As a dealer, I am sure I can make good use of the information.

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