The importance of follow up emails

Professional communication, not price, is the car salesman’s best tool.

When you receive a lead on a new or used car, you can call or email the customer. Historically, the first rule when responding to an online lead is: “call first, then email” However, if you can’t get in touch with the customer by phone, what should your email say?

Convey that you are courteous and professional

I get a lot of visits from students, including from the IVA, who do interesting research. One of those studies is about the email responses we get when we submit a lead. I’d like to show you examples of two car salespersons, both of whom are paid to sell. Example 1 will always have to be the cheapest to have a chance at the sale, the other…yes, now that’s a pro!

Example of how NOT to do a follow up email:

Dear Ms Hendricks,

I have tried to call you but unfortunately no answer.

You had some questions about the Peugeot 308 ??

Awaiting your response.

Why make the customer feel bad for not answering by saying “unfortunately.” Why continue that poor tone with two question marks, and with a space? And ending with a terse “awaiting your response.” 

The importance of follow up emails

Example of how to reach out in an appropriate manner:

Good morning Mrs. Hendricks,

First, thank you for your interest in one of our young used Audis. It’s a very nice choice!

To answer your question: Yes, this car is still available! The car is in near mint condition and is located in our showroom. In addition to air conditioning, this Audi is equipped with cruise control, alloy wheels, and an original navigation system.

Could we make a follow-up appointment to meet at our showroom? We would love to introduce you to our Audi and let you see how nice it is in person.

I look forward to your response. Thank you for contacting us!

Look, we really have a professional at work here! Thank the customer and make them feel good, follow online rule number 3 (always put a question mark to start the dialogue), and share the benefits of visiting the showroom! Simply GREAT!

Is it that easy?

No, but it starts with professional communication. The customer has chosen your product and requested more information through an online lead. What first impression do you create with your outreach? The Audi salesperson, in example #2, is more likely to develop dialogues and therefore much more likely to make a sale. The first salesperson, with Peugeot, only has a chance of making the sale if their vehicle is the cheapest. That customer must have another reason, price, to make the effort to get in touch with the seller. Is that successful selling? No, I prefer the second salesperson’s communication, the real pro!

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