Browse or Buy? This is what Marktplaats data can tell you!

Did you know that you can extract everything important from Marktplaats data to sell cars faster?

The average holding time in the Netherlands is generally too long, with lead times of 60 to 90 days being “normal,” but on Marktplaats, it’s only 55 days on average. This can also be observed based on different fuel types, as shown below:

Electric or hybrid

Here, you can see that electric vehicles (EVs) face challenges, and hybrids are now more difficult after a peak in February. ICE vehicles remain stable.

To reduce the holding days, you might think of relocating your business to North Brabant, where the holding time is the shortest, as indicated below:

Holding days on Marktplaats per region

Looking at the key performance indicator (KPI), VDP (Vehicle Detail Page) views on your inventory, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW have the highest daily averages, namely 26, 25, and 22! The least is found with Fiat, Mini, and Renault, with 9 VDP views per day per car (regardless of private, universal car company, or dealer).

Relocating is not an option

But how many VDP views do you actually need to make a sale? The rule of thumb is, the more premium a car brand is, the more VDP views you need. After all, many people like to think about such a car/brand but may not have the means to buy it. The more “mundane” or “common” cars require fewer VDP views since people looking at, for example, a Megane are actively seeking information about a Megane.

How many views do you need for a sale?

Knowing this, you’ll also understand that the faster you get those views, the quicker you can sell the car. So, if the average is 55 days, which brands sell faster?

Brands with a longer vs. shorter sales cycle

Here, you see that Toyota only needs 41.6 days to sell a car on Marktplaats. If Toyota, for example, needs 400 views, what can a seller do to get them faster? Perhaps by using features like upgrading or taking advantage of other premium features?

But what about asking prices?

Naturally, the cars that cost the least sell the fastest. There are more people in the market for a 5000 euro car than a 50,000 euro car. However, the difference in supply is also relevant; there are more cars offered in the lower price ranges than above.

Looking at the first half of 2023, you can find two interesting cars from unexpected brands. The Lynk and Co have the fewest holding days, and the Fisker has the most, with 309 days compared to 19 days for Lynk and Co, a number that is increasing.

Cars of 2022 with most and least holding days

Interestingly, McLaren is the fastest-selling among all sports cars.

For more exclusive shops

What can you do with this information?

When looking at my own inventory, I always consider the number of views per car on Marktplaats, not the leads. I earn leads by providing good photos, descriptions, terms, and prices. I get leads only if I get views. If I advertise a car, and after 7 days, it has hardly any views, I can either wait or take immediate action. Features like Premium, Plus, or upgrading work consistently, every time. As a marketer and seller, I need to ensure that more people see my cars, and when they do, sales follow naturally.

The added value of premium advertising on Marktplaats

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