Lead follow-up crucial, even in 2024!

I can hardly wait for 2024! Because lead follow-up will be crucial in the coming year as well; we need to maximize our efforts with online and telephone leads. Forget about the past two years, when ten buyers would walk into the store for that one car. Many sellers who started during that period, experiencing only those years, will have to fight for a deal, and there’s nothing unusual about that!

More requests for training

I see it myself in the number of requests for presentations, sales training, both offline and online, and requests for Calldrip! Especially Calldrip is going to prove its value again for many car dealerships. In good times, potential customers would call the sellers themselves to request a quote. That doesn’t happen anymore, and now sellers have to get back to work. The sooner you make the call, the greater the chance of a phone dialogue, the faster you make an appointment with the caller, and thus a deal.
Taking another step forward

Calldrip Automation
At Calldrip, we take it a step further by using AI for lead follow-up. We have optimized the technology, made it GDPR-safe, and ensured accurate translations. We are now able to evaluate every conversation that comes through Calldrip within a minute based on ten different KPIs. This includes factors such as call sentiment (positive, average, negative), whether or not an appointment was made, if there’s a complaint mentioned, and so on.

A neat summary of the conversation is generated immediately, which is then emailed to the seller and the sales manager. The summary is also saved in the LMS, such as LEF and Walcu CRM.
The seller then receives ‘coaching notes’ on what went well in the conversation and what could be improved! The exciting part is that AI uses my content and knowledge to make sellers better!

My expectation

I expect that achieving the forecasted sales numbers for 2024 will be a challenge. Missing sales opportunities will become an even more costly affair. Following up on and converting leads must and can be improved! It’s great that we, as #DCDW, can be a helping hand for importers, dealers, and car companies to get the most out of every lead!

Happy holidays!

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