How can you force a follow-up process with online leads?

If you do not have a process to call online leads first, you can force it!


Recently I came into contact with Calldrip. Calldrip has a cool concept about the online lead handling. In the early years of we also used something like that and it was called Pushcall. The work order of most sellers lies at the basis of these systems. Usually an e-mail is sent first and after that a phone call takes place. Pushcall and Calldrip ensure the right order: first call, then e-mail. And if a call is made, it often happens too late. I have written before that you should quickly follow up leads in 2017, preferably within 24 minutes. Why? The four seconds it takes to pay in a store is already perceived as being too long, and so contactless payment has been launched. For lead follow-up you also have to respond quickly and in the right order: First call, then e-mail as quickly as possible.

What does the system do?

If you have a lead form on your website, you can paste the code on your website. This code does the following: the customer completes the form and leaves a telephone number. When the customer then clicks on ‘send’, Calldrip will immediately make a connection with your telephone exchange. If you pick up, you will hear a tape that tells you that you have received a lead from lead X, for car Y and if you want to accept it. If you do, the telephone exchange will immediately call the customer. You can therefore be connected to the customer within one minute after receiving your lead. All you need is a lead form with a telephone number.

So he also calls at night?

In Calldrip you can indicate when you want to receive calls and when you don’t. If you cannot answer the phone, the lead will be converted to a normal e-mail. The system does more than just call and email, you also get insight in the way leads are followed up. The biggest problem with lead follow-up is that not all leads are followed up. In fact, contact is made with less than 60% of the leads. By means of a system such as Calldrip, all leads with a telephone number are in any case followed up and the connection level is higher than 60%. And as said, if you want, you can make contact with the lead within a minute. If you look at the 60% rule, a call and follow-up system certainly helps in the two highest funnels.

Do you need it?

I recently spoke to online guru Brian Pasch about the need for this kind of systems and he knew how to formulate it: “Calldrip is a good system for dealers with a weak process. If you keep that weak process, then thanks to this system you will get more connections and ultimately more sales. But if you do not have a lead follow-up process after, for example, the second or third contact moment, you will never get the most out of the potential.” In other words: Calldrip works, but you get the best result by putting your processes in order.

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